Rig 1 (Imaging/electrophysiology rig)

    • marek.bio.brandeis.edu, Dell service tag 9Q7GSL1 (service number 21175702453), purchased May 2010, for brain surface imaging

    • has NI PCIe-1429 CameraLink board purchased May 2010, NEED BACKUP

    • clucky.bio.brandeis.edu (from the Cluckin' Chicken) MacMini serial C07LM0J8DWYL, purchased late 2013/early 2014, for patterned optical sitmulation, backup to KFC/DD1 (user rig1clucky). Has Matlab, USB-1208fs

    • colonel.bio.brandeis.edu, Mac Pro (serial number H00362DPEUG), purchased September 2010, for visual stimulation, backup to KFC/DD1 (user rig1colonelnew). The DisplayPorts on colonel's video card can no longer reliably drive CRTs (fade in and out over hours). It is CPU/power supply related, as changing video card did not alter behavior. The direct DVI port seems fine.

    • foghorn.bio.brandeis.edu, Dell Precision T3600, service tag JFTPDX1 (express service code 42315750325), purchased July 2013, for analysis, coordination

    • has NI PCI-6071e 64 channel data acquisition board from ancient times, NEED BACKUP

    • fingers.bio.brandeis.edu, Dell netbook ID BQ9NRM1, express code 25532951689, for anesthesia monitoring

Rig 2 (2-photon imaging rig)

    • rooster.bio.brandeis.edu, machine ID, arrival July 2010, for 2-photon acquisition, supplied by Prairie Technologies (CMOS battery replaced 2016-09-14.)

    • sanders.bio.brandeis.edu, Mac Pro, purchased Sep 2010, for visual stimulation

    • leghorn.bio.brandeis.edu, Dell Precision T3600, service tag D7CFFX1 (express service code 28742309461), purchased July 2013, for analysis, coordination, NEED BACKUP

    • nuggets.bio.brandeis.edu, Dell netbook machine ID 73CNRM1, express code 15440139145, for anesthesia monitoring

Rig 3

  • wings.bio.brandeis.edu

Rig 4

    • miketheheadless.bio.brandeis.edu, MacMini serial C07H5086DJD2, mid 2011 2.3GHz, Stimulus computer

    • egghead.bio.brandeis.edu, Dell [TAG GTVW3J1], Plexon acquisition computer and master computer

    • chickenlittle.bio.brandeis.edu, Dell INSPIRON Mini, service tag 7L794R1 (heart rate and EEG) <-- can't seem to find this in rig 4, looked on 1/24/2020

Rig 5

  • oldfoghorn.bio.brandeis.edu, Dell machine ID 4NRVJM1 (service number 10144672777), purchased May 2010, for analysis. Was foghorn.bio.brandeis.edu, but was replaced July 2013.

    • unnamed (imaging computer)

    • harland.bio.brandeis.edu, Mac Mini


    • kfc.bio.brandeis.edu, NAS Synology DS216j, June 2017; has system (not data) backups

    • hen.bio.brandeis.edu Comp Neuro Computer on Steve's desk: Mac Pro serial C07L502RF4MH

    • Desk 1 desktop (washingtonchicken.bio.brandeis.edu), iMac (Retina 4k, 21.5 inch, 2017), serial C02V213AJ1G9

    • Desk 2 desktop (coqauvin.bio.brandeis.edu), Mac Mini Late 2014, serial C07PD4S9G1HW (2nd generation computer named coqauvin)

  • Desk 3 desktop (bantam.bio.brandeis.edu), iMac (21.5-inch 2017) 16GB RAM, serial C02V2109J1G9

    • Desk 6 desktop (calis.bio.brandeis.edu), iMac serial C17KG8N3DNCR, late 2012, 2.7GHz

  • Desk 7 desktop (yaga.bio.brandeis.edu), Mac Pro Late 2013, 3.7 quad core, 16GB RAM, serial F5KPN0FTF9VN

    • Electrode station (running Windows) (scurid.bio.brandeis.edu) Mac Mini serial H00201RT9G8, purchased May 2010, backup to KFC/Backups

    • Eye-tracking station (running Linux Ubuntu 18.04) (chickeneye.bio.brandeis.edu), Dell Precision 3630 Tower, MAC address:A4-BB-6D-49-C2-1F, service tag DPHJQ53

In storage:

    • Arani's desktop (murgi.bio.brandeis.edu), Dell Precision T3500, service tag 86D0NM1 (backup not yet set up).

    • Heather's desktop (pox.bio.brandeis.edu), Dell T3500, Dell service tag GQJSLM1.

    • Desk 1 desktop (dinner.bio.brandeis.edu), Mac Mini, serial C07CW542DD6L. LOCKED TO THE DESK

    • Desk 1 desktop (roasted.bio.brandeis.edu), Mac Mini Late 2014, serial C07Q33KKG1HW (2nd generation computer named roasted).

  • Desk 6 desktop (kukkuta.bio.brandeis.edu), Mac Mini Late 2014, serial C07QD0B0G1J1, 3 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM


  • Floating desk (mediopollito.bio.brandeis.edu), Mac Mini serial G88263XMYL4, arrived from Brandeis May 2010

    • Grad student computer (roasted.bio.brandeis.edu), Mac Mini serial C07D1740DD6H, purchased August 2010

    • Desk 2 desktop (coqauvin.bio.brandeis.edu), Mac Mini serial DCYCX7C1DD6H, purchased August 2010, backup to KFC/DD1Backup


    • Jason's desktop (pollo.bio.brandeis.edu), Mac Mini, serial C07CW52RDD6L, purchased May 2010, backup to KFC/Backups (user rig1colonel)