Controlled Substance FAQ

How should I dispose of an empty bottle?

There are 2 steps. First, on the log page for that bottle, indicate that the bottle is empty. Next, place the bottle in the plastic bag inside the drug drawer in 330-A that has the other empty bottles in it.

How should I order controlled substances?

Go here for details. Order well in advance - these things are OFTEN backordered.

What about forms, logs, and other paperwork?

Go to the Controlled Substances - Forms part of the Office of Research Administration.

New as of 4/2015 - every bottle has its own page. Please make sure you match the id# on a specific bottle with the identifier on the log sheet, to make sure you're withdrawing from the right bottle. Going forward, ID#s will have an item-specific identifier as part of the code.

There is also an index of all bottles now, at the back of the log (pink tabs).

This is the current usage log (v1.3)

And this is the current index of usage log (v1.3)

How to use the drug log.