Charts and tables

Dosage charts

Anesthesia/Euthanasia dosage charts. Use these charts to calculate how much drug to inject either to anesthetize or euthanize a ferret. Copies posted next to drug drawer. [NOT AVAILABLE]

Buthanasia dosage chart. use only for euthanizing ferret with Buthanasia. [STEVE NOT OWNER]

Gallamine and Ringer flow rate chart. [NOT AVAILABLE]

Ferret tidal volume notes: (via Rebecca Chaffel via Bob Marini at MIT) Similar to cats, 10-15 ml/kg; ventilation rate is 8-10/min (normal resp rate 27-44/min). [Not sure what age Bob Marini is speaking of here.] Fitzpatrick lab uses 3-5ml for P30-35 kits, rates really vary (usually 20-80 bpm, this is what the kits seem to be breathing before artificial respiration as well)

Other charts

Animal growth chart: Thanks for the info, Marshall Farms! Click here

Carbon dioxide (CO2) conversion table, from mmHg to %: Click here


How to use the drug log.

Ferret syringe labels template (use Avery mailing labels 5160 or 5260): Click here

DYMO label writer drug label template: Click here

Animal databases, housing, ordering, care procedures

Animal Care Training Sheets copy and paste the outlined format on the example page onto a new tab for each new personnel

Ferret ordering/housing procedures, post-operative care, and care for common maladies: Click here (includes ferret bite procedures; ferret bites, ferret handling; bitten)

Ferret Database

Ferret virus database (you may need access)

Virus Injection Set-up, Surgical, and Post-Op procedure guide

Virus injection suture patterns literature Literature about different suture patterns for closing the wound after viral injection.

Mouse breeding guide (by Meredith Blankenship 2/2013) How to start and maintain a small colony of mice, how to sex mice.

How to fetch tree shrews (from Rebecca Chafel, 2014). PDF, Pages

Note about ordering needles -- Henry Schein/Miltex Surgical Needle Guide:

If you are looking for suture needles, this page provides a to-scale guide for needles available from Henry Schein (manufacturer Miltex). Unfortunately, needle dimensions are not available, but print that page at 100% and you can see how big each needle is. Also, be sure to check out Fine Science Tools for suture needles as well.

Note to selves: we think it will cost $350 to convert the old rabbit cages to ferret cages (per cage)

Per Diem and Room Rental Information

Marshall Bioresources price list 2019

Ferret charges are currently $4.07/ferret.

To Contact a vet: email Foster manager Debbie Goodwin at She will direct your request to the vet on duty.

There is also a room rental charge-but that would depend on where they were housed. Currently, Fiser's room rental charge is $1086.92/month. If you were to share a room, then the cost is split by the 2 PI's. Also, if you use ferrets intermittently, (ie use 30 ferrets for 10 weeks, take a break and then want to start up again after a 4 week down time) then you would likely be charged room rental as that room would have to be reserved for you and no one else could use it. If you are in a satellite lab and housing ferrets there-the per diems would still be charged. (as of 2009)