A New Person Checklist

Welcome to the Neural Circuits Lab! We're glad to have you here.

Purpose: Before you get started, you need to do some things to make sure you'll have access to everything you need and are safe while you're doing your experiments. These are listed in roughly the order you'll be doing them. I assume here that you have already submitted your paperwork (such as an I-9 form) to the relevant people in the Bio office, or Human Resources.


You will need your brain, one hand or equivalent, an email/unet account with Brandeis, and a Brandeis ID (see step 1). If you print this out and check along, you also need a writing implement.


Before you meet, the lab manager will do the following:

  • Slack group vhlab.slack.com

    • If programming, get GitHub username and add to VH-Lab

    • File servers -- files.bio.brandeis.edu\van-hooser-lab (instructions for admins)

    • Keys and ID swipe access: Steve or Lab Manager needs ID to request access (and training must be complete to receive keys)

    • For undergrads / visitors: email job description to Bio Office staff with work study status and chart string for backup pay (also use this)

In person:

    1. ___ Review the safety protocols specific to our lab. That's in a book on the manager shelf labeled SAFETY. Especially take note of the list of specific hazards and the Evacuation Plan. Ask Steve and/or the person who is responsible for your training for details, or if you have any concerns about any hazards. RED TAPE IDENTIFIES FIX SURFACES - DO NOT TOUCH WITHOUT GLOVES!

    2. ___ Initial and date the sheet in the back of the safety manual that says you've looked at it and know where it's kept.

Soon after but on your own time:

    1. ___ Read the Safety section of this site - the pages are short, it takes 10 minutes. Really.

    2. ___ Go take the tests on the Brandeis Traincaster website (link from Brandeis EHS or direct, you will have to register on their website first -see document below if you need help) in THREE (3) sections - Hazardous Communication, Hazardous Waste, and Chemical Hygiene Plan. You must print out or save a .pdf copy of the certificate. (Cheats! Open the quiz in a separate tab, and then you don't have to keep clicking back to see the original text. Also, you can take the quiz as many times as you need to get to 80%. You do NOT have to take Dry Ice. You do NOT have to take Global Harmonization Standard (that info is already in the other 3 sections).

    3. Sign up for any special external training that might be needed:

      1. ___ Animal safety training. Go here, "Before beginning work on a protocol", for instructions. You need to complete the medical clearance (fill out this form and look here for fax cover sheet), training, and orientation BEFORE you get access to any experiments, even just watching.

      2. ___ Virus training: Email Frank Sangiorgi to schedule a time (fos@brandeis.edu)

      3. ___ Controlled substances training: Email Frank Sangiorgi to schedule a time (fos@brandeis.edu)

      4. ___ Laser safety training: Email Robin Bell (bell@brandeis.edu) to schedule a time

    4. ___ Fill out the table here to track your training progress.

After you complete animal training:

    1. Tell the Lab Manager (or Steve) that you're done with any of the following external training so that you can be added to animal protocols, IBC protocol, SOPs:

      1. Record keeping: Manager ensures all training records are up to date

      2. Animal training

        1. ___ Manager and user fill out IACUC Personnel Addition form for IACUC

        2. ___ When form is approved, manager requests Foster key card access (Debbie Goodwin, dgoodwin@brandeis.edu)

      3. Virus training

        1. ___ Manager ensures training record is up to date

      1. Controlled substances training

      1. Laser safety training

        1. ___ Manager adds to 2-photon SOP

Enjoy your experiments!